An estimated 300 million pounds of plastic bottles are landfilled annually in the Carolinas; these are potential feedstocks that could be turned into new recycled content products by businesses that employ our citizens as well as generate taxes.

The Carolinas Plastics Recycling Council (CPRC) is a public/private joint initiative to increase plastic container recovery and recycling in North and South Carolina. CPRC's key state agency stakeholders are:

  • South Carolina Department of Commerce
  • South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
  • North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources

These agencies and the members of the plastics reclamation industry with presence in the Carolinas agreed to work jointly to examine ways to boost plastic bottle and container recovery in the Carolinas.

CPRC initiatives include:

  • Retail plastics which focuses on rigids and film
  • Developing education and outreach on the Your Bottle Means Jobs campaign to recycle more bottles in an effort to create more jobs

Jobs are created when old plastic bottles are manufactured into new products such as bottles, textiles and consumer packaging. CPRC estimates over 100 million pounds of plastic bottles are discarded annually in South Carolina. The more bottles recycled in the Carolinas, the more directly that feeds the industry which is growing and creating jobs.