Recycling in SC

The Recycling Market Development team launched a NEW free online tool called the SC Recycling Markets Directory.  The directory helps manufacturers keep valuable materials in motion by reducing waste and helping businesses meet sustainability goals. The platform showcases more than 300 South Carolina recycling companies, and it allows manufacturers to easily find recyclers in their area. 

Check out our tutorial here. 

The Recycling Market Development staff at the South Carolina Department of Commerce provides business matchmaking support, administers one-on-one materials management consultation, works with existing and emerging markets for materials, and tracks the economic impact of the recycling industry.

Recycling is a green growth industry in South Carolina, home to over 300 recycling companies including collectors, processors, recycled product manufacturers and equipment makers.  The economic impact of recycling now exceeds $13 billion. In addition, the recycling industry has the ability to scale up employment at a higher rate than the average South Carolina industry with an employment multiplier of  2.4 - this means for every 10 jobs in recycling, there are 14 others created in the SC economy.


Hot off the press...check out our new best management practices for the following commodities:

Glass                          Paper                          Plastics                         Textiles                          Wood/Biomass


Here are a few ways we have advanced recycling for South Carolina companies this year. 

Since 2018, Wheel Pros have revolutionized their process and making it their goal to be a Zero Waste domestic manufacture by 2030. They recycle coolant through an oil-water separator and then back into the machines. Once the liquids have reached their end-of-life stage (to reduce the haul away drastically), they use an evaporator system.  This reduced the volume hauled by 94%.

As they continue the pathway to achieving their goals, Wheel Pros noticed a large amount of cardboard going into the landfill. Looking for resources and contacts to attain their Zero Waste goal, Wheel Pros contacted the South Carolina Department of Commerce, Recycling Market Development. The Recycling team helped Wheel Pros find a recycling solution and they were able to connect with Pratt Recycling to install a baler. Once Pratt Recycling linked with Wheel Pros, cardboard became a supply stream.

Since the connection, Wheel Pros is diverting approximately 30-40T/month of cardboard from the landfill.  Wheel Pros have seen a reduction in landfill usage by 67% YTD.

Morrisette provides packaging, design, and automation solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands. They have a reputation for innovation; pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, pioneering new production methods, new techniques, and new ways to save. They had 22 rolls of brand new 6 ft bubble wrap.  They were looking for someone who could reuse the material.  Staff was able to make a connection with Anchor Recycling who used their network to find Thomas Ocean with Gentleman Movers who coordinated a pick up to turn this waste stream into a supply stream.  The recycling team was requested as a resource again, as staff was able to help them move 2 pallets of black vented polyethylene to the Lexington Vocational Rehabilitation Center.

In the last 5 years, Commerce helped facilitate the recycling industry recruitment of 1,958 jobs, $1,290 million in capital investment, and 31 new or existing companies investing in South Carolina.

WP Rawl is a vegetable grower, shipper and processor. The company had discontinued a product line that used PET clamshell (food take-out) containers. They had at least one semi-trailer load of the plastic clamshell, made out of the same plastic that is used in water or soda bottles.  Recycling staff were able to connect them with a variety of companies that ultimately included Sonoco Recycling.  Sonoco, a global packaging company who owns Florida-based Highland Packaging Solutions, took the clamshell material for recycling and transforming into new strawberry or blueberry plastic clamshell containers. The tractor trailer load amount of the product was shipped for recycling.