• South Carolina has a long history being a leader in the textile and reclaimed fiber recycling industry creating a value chain for markets like automotive, construction, home furnishings and other textiles. Our state has the nation’s largest textile recyclers, creating a valuable supply chain and expanding the useful life of materials produced by textile and other related manufacturers.
  • Eighty-five percent (85%) of textiles are landfilled annually. Many businesses and non-profits want textiles for reuse and recycling into new products. Collection methods range from donation centers, thrift/consignment stores, donation boxes, curbside programs and retail stores.   Collected textiles are sorted by these recyclers into different grades and types of materials from reusable, resalable goods, or recyclable to non-usable goods.  Almost half (45%) of collected textiles are sold and reused as secondhand apparel, 30% of materials are remade into wiping and polishing cloths, and 20% are reprocessed into fiber materials.
  • A sampling of products made from recycled textiles include denim insulation, automotive insulation, fabrics, wiping cloths and rags, household goods and car seat stuffing.


Please check out our new best management practices for recycling textiles: How to Recycle Textiles!


Why South Carolina is Just Right for Textile Recycling


of landfill space is taken up by textiles/clothing

70 lbs

is the average amount of clothing thrown away by a citizen annually

1 t-shirt

or jeans recycled each month would create 1-4 jobs