Recycling Resources

1 Resources Resources and information to help you learn more and recycle more! Collaboration is the key to building a strong recycling community. Companies in SC are working together to ensure a sustainable South Carolina. Wheel Pros & Pratt Recycling Stay in the Know! Sign-up for our Newsletter $ Economic Impact Studies 2022 The Economic […]

Recycling Directory

1 Recycling Directory Recycling Markets DirectoryThe South Carolina Recycling Markets Directory directory helps manufacturers keep valuable materials in motion by reducing waste and helping businesses meet sustainability goals. The platform showcases more than 300 South Carolina recycling companies, and it allows manufacturers to easily find recyclers in the area. The South Carolina Department of Commerce […]

Textile Recycling

1 Textile South Carolina has a long history being a leader in the textile and reclaimed fiber recycling industry creating a value chain for markets like automotive, construction, home furnishings and other textiles. Our state has the nation’s largest textile recyclers, creating a valuable supply chain and expanding the useful life of materials produced by […]

Paper Recycling

1 Paper Even with email and digital communication, most business offices still use a lot of paper. Businesses can recycle office paper, magazines, cardboard and newspapers by working with a recycling vendor to collect these materials and divert them from the waste stream. If your company generates large volumes of cardboard, you may even receive […]

Glass Recycling

1 Glass Check out our glass recycling video. Businesses who generate the most glass bottles are largely restaurants, bars, caterers and other hospitality related entities. These organizations can recycle their glass bottles by working with a commercial recycler who will collect bottles along with other recyclables to local material recovery facilities (MRFs) for processing. Residents […]

Carpet Recycling

1 Carpet Check out our carpet recycling video. As a carpet recycling leader in the southeast, South Carolina has a diverse network of companies with several hundred million pounds of carpet recycling capacity. Manufacturers with takeback programs such as Shaw and Interface can recycle commercial carpet tiles. The typical kind of carpets that are found […]

Material Recovery Facilities

1 Material Recovery Facilities South Carolina is home to both public and private sector Material Recovery Facilities (MRF’s) that accept comingled recycling.  Sonoco Recycling, Pratt, and local government MRF’s keep recycling commerce flowing by aggregating material from residential and commercial accounts for end markets. Why South Carolina is Just Right for Material Recovery Facilities 3 […]


1 Electronics South Carolina passed legislation in 2010 that banned the disposal of specific electronics in solid waste landfills effective July 1, 2011 and requires residents to recycle computers, computer monitors, printers and televisions. The legislation also established requirements for recoverers of covered computer and television devices. Businesses should not throw away computers and other electronics and […]

Construction & Demolition

1 Construction & Demolition Many construction and demolition (C&D) materials can be repurposed into other construction-related products.  These materials include aggregates such as concrete, asphalt, asphalt shingles, gypsum wallboard, wood, and metals.  C&D recycling creates jobs and saves limited and expensive landfill space. Why South Carolina is Just Right for Construction & Demolition Recycling 600,000 […]