Don't Waste Food SC

Don’t Waste Food SC is a collaborative campaign that brings together stakeholders from across the public and private sectors dedicated to sharing knowledge, coordinating resources and working together to help reduce food waste in South Carolina. The composting industry is an emerging market in South Carolina that Recycling Market Development staff is working to build.  Jobs in this sector have grown ten-fold since 2015.

Don’t Waste Food SC is working to make South Carolina food systems less wasteful and more efficient.  We help South Carolina companies identify strategies to reduce wasted food, redirect surplus food to people in need, and reduce the barriers to composting.

The pillars of Don’t Waste Food SC are:

Prevent: Food waste prevention produces higher yields, reduces costs and provides increased efficiency.

Donate: South Carolina supports companies that donate edible food using food safety guidelines.  Connect with us directly to find out what resources are available for your business.

Compost: Composting creates markets, stimulates job development and provides soil amendments for landscaping and gardening markets.

Fast Facts: Food Waste


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1 in 7

South Carolinians is food insecure